The OnePlus One was our favorite smartphone last year. It’s still a pretty fantastic device, especially when you consider all of the hardware you’re getting for the low price. Can it still hold a candle to today’s flagships? Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is official, so we decided to put the two side-by-side to let you see how the two phones compare to one another.

The Galaxy S6 uses much more premium materials than the Galaxy S5 did, and it’s certainly giving the OnePlus One a run for its money in that department, too. It also packs a Quad HD display, built-in wireless charging, improved camera modules, a fingerprint reader and more. While TouchWiz lost some weight, however, it’s still not as light as CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One.

In this video you’ll see how the two phone stack up side by side. Think OnePlus needs to worry?