Which smartphone has the best display out there? DisplayMate is back with a new report that puts Samsung’s Galaxy S6 at the top of the pile, right next to the company’s latest flagship phablet.

That makes sense, considering the Galaxy Note 4 was previously awarded the title of best smartphone display by DisplayMate. The Galaxy S6 sports the same 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution as its phablet cousin, though it boasts a higher number of pixels per inch (PPI) due to its smaller screen size. Still, the two phones are reportedly “neck-and-neck record holders,” making it impossible to pick a clear winner.

As for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the report says its curved screen is a clear advantage rather than a drawback. The unique design doesn’t seem to detract from its overall display quality at all. Instead, the Edge offers an improved user experience while paving the way for more innovation down the road.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are also a huge improvement over last year’s Galaxy S5, which offered a 1080p display. At the time this was pretty cutting edge, though a year later that’s clearly not the case. Of course, it probably won’t be too long before some other phone arrives with an even sharper display, but for now Samsung is king.