This is easily Samsung’s biggest release in years. Compared to phones we’ve seen from the Korean company these past few generations, the Galaxy S6 is a completely new approach, a step toward combining design with function in a more elegant and useful way.

Rather than throwing everything and the kitchen sink at consumers, Samsung showed restraint, and instead focused on what truly matters. What we get is a 5.1-inch aluminum powerhouse with a more dialed down TouchWiz, and the most eye-pleasing screen we’ve ever seen.

The Galaxy S6’s design is the most obvious change. Samsung in the past has hinted it can compete in the design department, but never have we seen such a sweeping departure. Rather than relying on the resilience of plastic, Samsung opted for an aluminum shell, elevating the device’s overall look and feel. If you want to get technical, it does look familiar-ish, but that’s not a bad thing at all. With a half-rounded, half-flat metal frame, the S6 also uses two panes of Gorilla Glass 4, and it feels incredibly durable.

The 5.1-inch screen is Quad HD (2560×1440) Super AMOLED, while the inside contains some of Samsung’s own guts. But, and this is a big deal to a lot of folks, there’s no longer a replaceable battery or microSD slot. The device does, however, sport up to 128GB of internal storage, and wireless charging support. There have been compromises, obviously, but Samsung has still managed to squeeze in a lot of great technology.

You also get a much-improved fingerprint scanner, which works and acts a lot more like Apple’s Touch ID; the sensor, by the way, works with Samsung Pay, which actually might wind up being a bigger deal than Apple’s own payment service. Now that the HTC One M9 is behind us, we’re really excited to try the Galaxy S6 out. On paper, it’s easily the most advanced device on the market, one that’s more beautiful and less obnoxious than its predecessors.

Check out the unboxing to see this bad boy in action, and stay tuned for much more Galaxy S6 coverage.