The Galaxy S6 battery may be removable in theory, but actually getting to it will be easier said than done. A new teardown from MyFixGuide reveals that Samsung definitely isn’t making it easy to swap out your battery if it stops working.

First you’ll need to apply a heat gun to the device to melt the glue before removing the glass-covered back. Next you’ll need to remove the screws holding the center frame and motherboard in place. You’ll find the 2550mAh battery hiding under the mainboard. Yep, it’s a lot more complicated than removing a plastic back cover and popping out the battery, but that’s the cost of premium design in the Galaxy S6.

Check out the gallery above for a closer look at the innards. You’ll note Samsung packed everything inside nice and neat, and there’s even a fixed-base camera that should help steady your photos. The battery might not be as accessible as it used to be, but so far that seems like a fair trade for the improved design.