Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader

Since launching the Galaxy S5, Samsung has made a practice of including a swipe-based fingerprint reader in all of its major smartphones. The only problem is the scanner isn't very reliable, even if it has been improved somewhat in more recent devices like the Galaxy Note 4. Thankfully, it looks like the company may finally offer a fix with the upcoming Galaxy S6.

SamMobile reports that the company will swap out the old swipe-to-unlock scanner for a touch-based version that's closer to Apple's Touch ID. The result should be a much more reliable sensor. Samsung will apparently also increase the size of its physical home button, making it even easier to unlock with your fingerprint.

On the software side of things, Samsung may not offer any new features to go with its improved fingerprint scanner. However, it looks like we'll still get all the same options that came with the Galaxy S5, including website login, online purchases, Private Mode, and PayPal integration. Hopefully this time around the phone's built-in biometric sensor will be worth using.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S6 in early March during MWC 2015, with recent reports suggesting the company could unveil a regular version of the device alongside a Galaxy S6 Edge. The upcoming flagship phone may also offer a Quad HD display and a 64-bit processor according to some rumors.