Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S6 keep picking up speed, and now even Samsung is taking note. Instead of denying or simply ignoring the latest speculation, the South Korean company decided to take an entirely different strategy with a series of ridiculous renders based on popular Galaxy S6 rumors.

In each of the five images, Samsung takes one rumored feature to the extreme. The Galaxy S6’s “all-glass” design becomes a sleek see-through rectangle that actually looks pretty cool, while a version of the phone with a larger display features an extending frame for widescreen viewing. We know the company is joking, but we’d still be interested a handset that could do something like that.

Some concepts don’t work quite as well. The triangular three-sided Galaxy S6 visualized here just looks silly, and another oddly-shaped durable model is pretty ugly as well. Finally, there’s an oval-shaped smartphone with expanding stereo speakers that’s a little too weird to be practical.

That real Galaxy S6 probably won’t be anywhere near as experimental as the renders above, though it’s still expected to be a pretty big change for Samsung. Rumor has it the company will ditch its usual plastic for glass and metal, while offering an Edge variant with a screen that curves around both sides of the device. We won’t get an official look at the new phone until Sunday, March 1, but for now you can check out the latest leaks and a few more realistic renders for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge below.