Samsung Galaxy S5 Review 2

Samsung is just now finally starting to get its Galaxy Note Edge on the market, following the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 earlier this year, but rumors out of Korea are already starting to brew up fresh details on the Galaxy S6. Samsung is apparently already well on its way developing the Galaxy S6 – no surprise there given standard product cycles – but it’s reportedly trying to start the process from scratch this time around, a plan internally dubbed “Project Zero,” according to some reports.

Korean news outlet Daum on Tuesday said that Samsung is working to push up the launch of its Galaxy S6 smartphone by a month. Instead of releasing the handset in April, as it typically does for its Galaxy Sx refreshes, it’s currently working to push the Galaxy S6 out the door in March. Samsung typically unveils its new devices during the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona each year, which happens to fall in March in 2015, so this could mean that there’s going to be a super narrow time-frame between announcement and launch of the phone.

We’re still a bit in the dark when it comes to knowledge on what the Galaxy S6 will offer. One analyst recently said he believes Samsung will offer a display with two curved edges, which might draw on lessons learned from the curved screen on the Galaxy Note Edge. That makes sense, too, especially if the Note Edge starts to build a solid development community that takes advantage of that new screen area. Samsung will reportedly sell models equipped with 64-bit Exynos processors and others, for markets like the United States, with Snapdragon 810 chips.

It’s all hearsay for now, but what we’re hearing sounds pretty good.