We’ve already seen the Galaxy S6 in four different colors (white, black, gold and “blue topaz”), but it looks like the new phone could get one more color option in some markets. According to Samsung’s UK website, the device will also be available in brown, though it’s unclear if this is an unintentional early leak or just an innocent mistake.

The brown option clearly appears on Samsung’s website, where the Galaxy S6 is listed as coming soon. However, clicking away from the original link will make it disappear, and the site doesn’t offer any actual images of the leaked color variant. That doesn’t mean it’s not real, though it definitely looks like a mistake for the moment.

Samsung has offered brown options for its smartphones and tablets in the past, so it is definitely not out of the question for the company’s latest flagship phone. It’s certainly possible this could be a U.K. exclusive. It’s also possible the new variant won’t get an official announcement until several months after the Galaxy S6 hits the market.

Meanwhile, there’s no mention of a brown Galaxy S6 Edge anywhere on Samsung’s website. The curved-screen smartphone is set to come in black, white, gold and an exclusive Green Emerald option. Both new handsets are set to hit the market on April 10, so it may not be much longer before we find out the truth behind this mysterious brown device.