There are plenty of third-party launchers, icon packs and themes available for Android, and we typically take advantage of those on the Android smartphones we're using.

Now, however, HTC and Samsung have introduced new software that takes some of the legwork out of applying themes to your new smartphone.

Since we already covered how to change themes on the One M9, we're back with a quick and easy guide for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which will have your phone looking completely customized in just seconds.

Sure, you can still always seek out your favorite themes elsewhere, but we thought we'd show folks how to do it effortlessly using Samsung's new software.

1. Tap and hold on the homescreen

  • Select "themes"
  • This is the quickest way to get to the themes option out of the box. You can also opt to open Settings > Themes.
  • Pro tip: Create a shortcut to Themes by opening up the app, opening the "Themes Store" drop-down menu and selecting "Settings > Create shortcut to Themes Store."

2. Choose a theme

  • Once you're inside the "Themes" menu, you'll see three available: the default TouchWiz version that shipped with your phone, another called "Pink" and a third called "Space."
  • Tap one to select it, and tap "Apply" to set it as active.
  • Within seconds, your phone's home screen, default icon set, font and more will switch to the new theme

3. Explore

  • Tap "Store" in the upper right hand corner of the Themes page.
  • Here, you'll find plenty of new themes that are already available for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, including a Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron skin that's featured.
  • Samsung splits the store into several sections, including cute characters, modern and simple, peacful moments, lovely girls and sentimental illustration.
  • Don't forget to tap the "more" button below these categories to see a larger selection. Some of my favorites include "Along the path" and "purple."

More to come

There are bound to be plenty of new themes over time. In fact, the Themes Store even has a "purchased section," which is empty by default but suggests that paid themes are coming soon, too.

Sure, we wish that Samsung allowed us to create themes based on an image, like HTC does with Sense 7 on the One M9, but this is still a super easy and fun way to customize your Galaxy S6 right down to the bones.