Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge on Sunday evening during Mobile World Congress. It features a unique design where the edges of the display curve along the side of the phone. We first saw a similar implementation on the Galaxy Note Edge, so we figured we’d bring you a comparison video to show you how the two phones differ.

First, the Galaxy Note Edge is only curved on one side of the screen. Samsung has apps that allows users to place shortcuts in this area, but that’s not the case on the Galaxy S6 Edge. Instead, the sides are used to show you color-coded incoming calls while the phone is face down and provides easy access to your favorite contacts and missed call or message alerts. It’s more subtle, too, and less of a drop off the side of the phone as it is on the Galaxy Note 4.

There are several other differences of course, including the aluminum body and glass front and back panels on the Galaxy S6 Edge. Check out the video for a closer look.

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy Note 4 Edge