We have the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge in the office, and just brought you unboxings of both. Now there’s more news on that front. Carriers have started to reveal pricing for both phones, and it appears the Galaxy S6 Edge will have a $100 premium over the Galaxy S6.

That’s expected. Samsung told us during Mobile World Congress that the Galaxy S6 Edge would likely cost more, as the Galaxy Note Edge is also priced higher than the Galaxy Note 4. The process to bend the display doesn’t come cheap, it seems.

T-Mobile said it will sell the Galaxy S6 Edge for $779.79 without a contract, about $100 more than the Galaxy S6 Edge price of $679.92. The Galaxy S6 Edge is also available for $32.49 per month with $0 down, which is more than the $28.33 you’d pay monthly with $0 down for the Galaxy S6. AT&T’s pricing shows the same premium. The Galaxy S6 Edge with 32GB of storage is priced at $299, which is $100 more than the Galaxy S6 with the same storage.

Pre-orders for both devices begin tonight, and you can expect to see them available in stores on April 10.