The Galaxy S6 Edge has already garnered plenty of praise, and tons of pre-orders from retail partners, but Samsung may have trouble delivering the unique smartphone in large numbers. A new report out of Taiwan claims the company recently ran into a snag with its “3D molding glass technology” that’s used for the displays on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

According to, Samsung supply partner Byrne optics is currently only able to produce half of the roughly 8 million glass units it had originally planned, due to the complexities of forming it. In a graphic provided by Samsung, the company explains that it first takes a glass panel then runs it through a “thermal forming” process that includes heating the glass to 800 degrees Celsius to apply the bend. Then, Samsung runs the panels through a chemical strengthening process before polishing the surface and then machining the panel.


Samsung is allegedly looking to other firms to help pick up the slack. The company previously boasted 5 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 Edge had already come in, so it may need some outside help to meet early demand for the smartphone.

The company recently said it’s committed to offering even more premium devices in the future, suggesting this won’t be the last curved Galaxy gadget. Hopefully the firm can fix its manufacturing problem before it gets in the way of plans for future phones and tablets.