Samsung finally revealed the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on Thursday and we got a first-hand look at the new smartphone. We’ll have a full review later on, but we really can’t wait to tell you about this awesome device right now. So here are our top 5 favorite features from the new smartphone.

1. Beautiful Design

Samsung has been on a winning streak recently when it comes to designing gorgeous new devices and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is no exception. It boasts an awesome all-metal design that feels great in your hands and looks even better. The curved AMOLED display is awesome, and the mix of sloping curves and sharp edges makes for an overall stunning device.

It’s crazy to think how far Samsung has progressed with its hardware design in less than a year. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is easily one of the best-looking devices around.

2. Live stream straight to YouTube

The name pretty much says it all. Samsung has come up with an extremely clever take on the new live streaming craze. Just open up the regular camera app, pick the right option and you’ll be streaming straight to YouTube. That means all your friends and followers can follow along without downloading some weird new app. It also makes it easy to embed and share your stream across the Internet.

It’s a smart move considering the growing popularity of services like Periscope and Meerkat. It also works pretty well based on what we’ve seen so far, though we’ll have to put it to the test once we receive a review unit.

3. New Edge capabilities

Samsung has already come up with some pretty clever ideas for that extra bit of curved screen space, but this new phone takes the concept a step further. With the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus you can pin a specific app to the edge of the device. Then jump back and forth between your favorite apps with just a quick swipe and tap.

Of course, you can still do everything with the edge display that you could on older models. That includes Samsung’s clever bedside mode, a news ticker, Twitter updates and easy access to your favorite contacts.

4. Wireless Charging

To be fair, this isn’t exactly a new feature. Samsung included wireless charging with the regular Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Still, we’re pretty thrilled that support for both the Qi and PMA standards is sticking around. If you haven’t experienced wireless charging before here’s you chance to try it out for yourself.

Oh, and Samsung’s also stuck with fast charging technology too, so you can juice up your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus even if you’re in a rush.

5. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is finally here (in the U.S. and Korea) and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is one of the first devices to use it. We got a quick demo of the technology and it’s pretty awesome. Just walk up to any magnetic strip scanner, launch Samsung Pay, and confirm with your fingerprint. You can even launch the app when the screen is off by simply swiping up from the bottom of the display.

Samsung Pay is set to work with a handful of different Galaxy devices, but if you’re picking between the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and a non-Samsung smartphone this is probably a feature worth considering.

Wrap Up

So that’s the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in a nutshell, though Samsung’s curvy new phone isn’t all good news. The company still isn’t offering a microSD slot for adding storage or a removable battery, and that 5.7-inch display is probably too big for some. Still, we have a feeling most Samsung fans will be very happy with the new handset.