Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in just a few short weeks. We’ve already seen leaked photos of the new phone, and now a new report claims to reveal how much Samsung plans to charge for the curved-screen phablet.

According to SamMobile and its inside sources, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will start at 799.99 Euros for the 32GB model. Those numbers seem a little off considering that Samsung charges roughly 850 Euros for the standard Galaxy S6 Edge. Then again, it’s possible the company is looking to lower its prices across the board after reporting another disappointing quarter of sales this week.

The same report also suggests that Samsung will start selling the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on August 21. We’re guessing the Galaxy Note 5 will launch at around the same time, though recent reports suggest the two devices won’t necessarily overlap. The new Note could actually be limited to a few countries like the U.S. and Korea, while its curved sibling is apparently set for a global launch.

Both new smartphones are expected to pack 5.7-inch Quad HD displays, though the Note 5 may pack a little more power under the hood. Still, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus should perform just fine, even if it’s just a super-sized version of the regular Galaxy S6 Edge.