Yikes, another smartphone fire and, again, this time from Samsung. While a lot of these fires tend to be the result of faulty third-party chargers, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that caught fire in this story was apparently connected to a Samsung-branded charger.

Reddit user Turkey_Lord posted the above images on Reddit before his roommate, the owner of the phone, provided the backstory:

“I am OPs roommate and owner of the carnage that you see here,” roommate “Needs_tree_fiddy” explained. “I was not using the charger that it came with, but I was using a Samsung charger that I got with my GS3. The phone was not under my pillow, but it was lying next to me on my bed. I woke up to the sound of it sizzling and nasty fumes erupting from it. We have more pics if you guys are interested. If you guys have any questions or advice please comment.”

In a second comment clarifying the charger situation, the user said that he was using a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with the previous Galaxy S3 charger – something that should have worked just fine.

My guess – and I’m not an expert on smartphone fires – is that the battery may have been faulty or, perhaps, the phone was exposed to some sort of external elements – maybe water or dust, that led to overheating. These things are rare, but certainly scary when they happen.

We reached out to Samsung for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.