The Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung’s original curved-edge device, got a pretty limited launch, but that probably won’t be the case for the Galaxy S6 Edge. A new report out of Korea claims the company has already tripled orders for its curvy new handset due to increased interest in the device.

According to ETNews, Samsung can’t meet these new production numbers on its own. The company is reaching out to other suppliers to help provide curved glass for the Galaxy S6 Edge. The report also notes that Samsung is reaching out to other firms for the touchscreen panels featured in the new smartphone after initially offering Alps Electronics in Japan an exclusive deal.

Clearly, carriers and other retailers think the Galaxy S6 Edge will be a hit. Whether consumers actually buy the device in droves remain to be seen. The curved smartphone may be beautiful, but it comes at a high price. Samsung needs to do a good job explaining why that sloped edge is actually useful and not just a gimmick, or it may have trouble selling the new smartphone.