Samsung on Sunday officially announced two new smartphones, including the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. The latter is the more unique of the two devices and offers a display that curves ever-so-slightly on both sides. At first glance it might not seem very functional, but it actually is.

The curve isn’t as drastic as we saw on the Galaxy Note Edge. Instead, it’s a subtle bend just at the edges of the device. You can use it similarly to how one would interact with the Note Edge, however, with a bedside clock, notifications and more. It uses an entirely different ecosystem of apps, however, and Samsung said that apps for the Note Edge aren’t all supported on the Galaxy S6 Edge. There are some unique functions, however. You can quickly slide in a list of your recent contacts to quickly send a message or place a phone call, and you can color code each contact. When a contact calls you and the phone is facing down, the “edge” will light up that color so you know who’s calling.

The screen measures the same 5.1-inches as the Galaxy S6, and it features the same super sharp Quad HD resolution. All of the components under the hood are the same, too, including an Exynos 7 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB/64GB/128GB of storage, built-in wireless charging and more. You also, of course, still get the awesome aluminum body, glass front and back panels, and Samsung’s best cameras to date.

You can basically think of the Galaxy S6 Edge as the higher-end of the two new phones announced today, and Samsung says the pricing will eventually reflect that. The edges may take some getting used to for some folks, but we dig Samsung’s approach to a really unique design. Oh, and best yet: it will also support a new version of Gear VR, which was one downside choosing the Galaxy Note Edge over the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung didn’t announce pricing or a specific release date yet, but look for the Galaxy S6 Edge this spring.