Will people stop bending phones on purpose, please?

We’re not quite sure why folks are still concerned about phones bending, especially when that problem can easily be fixed with a case. Even still, a company named SquareTrade thinks that all consumers should know whether their new smartphone is going to bend under pressure (spoiler: it will), so it put the One M9 and Galaxy S6 Edge to the test against the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus began to bend under 110 pounds of pressure, and failed (read: shattered) at about 179 pounds of pressure. The One M9 bent and broke at 120 pounds of pressure and was completely unusable due to a ruined power button. The Galaxy S6 Edge, like the iPhone 6 Plus, was able to resist 110 pounds of pressure before it started to bend. SquareTrade said that, due to the curved display, that’s also when the screen shattered. The phone still worked, however, and finally broke entirely at 149 pounds.

Lesson learned here? Don’t put your phone in a machine that applies 110 pounds of pressure. Oh, and also maybe Samsung shouldn’t have been so quick to poke fun at Apple earlier this year.