There’s a lot of excitement around the Galaxy S6 already, though the device is still likely many months away from breaking cover. One report on Tuesday suggested that the Galaxy S6 could launch as soon as March, a month earlier than usual, and now we have several concept images and a video compliments of They’re far from official and may not tell us much at all, though they do take one major detail into consideration: that Samsung could finally start to adopt metal into its designs.

Samsung is internally starting from square one with the Galaxy S6, otherwise reportedly referred to as “Project Zero.” One analyst suggests that we’ll see a display with curved edges on both sides, though that’s merely a rumor right now. The images from show a design that’s decidedly similar to a larger Galaxy Alpha, which might actually not be too far off base from the final design if Samsung doesn’t adopt some form of drastic new screen technology. It also imagines Samsung will include a 20-megapixel shooter, an “HD selfie camera,”a fingerprint reader, a heart rate sensor and a speaker that provides stereo sound on the back. None of this seems too outlandish and, in fact, if Samsung really is starting from ground zero, it doesn’t seem really extraordinary.

Mobile World Congress kicks off in early March this year, and that’s the soonest we think we’ll see the Galaxy S6. We suspect there will be plenty of additional renders and rumors leading up to the show, but this kicks things off pretty nicely. Check out the gallery below for a closer look.