In just a few short weeks we’ll get an official look at Samsung’s much ballyhooed Galaxy S6. But until the curtain is pulled back, designers are already producing concept images of what the device will look like next to last year’s model. You know, for comparison’s sake. And you know what? It looks nearly identical to what Samsung has put out before. Big surprise, right? No.

It looks like a slick blend of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha, which is to say: Yowza. It looks great, reflecting an earlier leak that looked a lot like a rival’s phone, the name of which we won’t utter. Instead of the textured back we’ve heard Samsung would go with glass, and, well, that’s what the concept image shows off. It’s not exactly rocket science, is it? But it looks great nonetheless; it’s always fun to see something tangible.

The headphone jack has been moved down to the bottom, while the microUSB port is no longer covered. Naked is the way to go, but let’s just hope the device is still rated highly on the water resistance scale. Outside of that, I’m not really liking the small display, and the bezels in the concept are obnoxiously big. Good thing this is just a concept.

We should see the real thing pretty soon. For now, ogle over these concept images. Bask in Samsung’s glory. Now we wait to see concept images of the Galaxy S6 Edge, or whatever Samsung decides to call it.