There’s already evidence a Galaxy S6 Active exists, or is at least being considered, and new information from an import/export tracking site further corroborates the device’s existence. If you were disappointed with Samsung’s decision not to make the Galaxy S6 water resistant, you may be in luck.

The tracking site points out a few different listings, but the piece of information that’s most valuable is the model number (G890A). That matches the leak we saw from earlier in the week, suggesting Samsung is definitely moving forward with a more rugged Galaxy S6 model. How the design will differ from Samsung’s more luxurious Galaxy S6 remains to be seen; the Galaxy S5 Active was essentially a regular S5 outfitted with an Iron Man suit.

One thing to note is that the listing mentions the device sports a 5.5-inch screen. That’s bigger than the Galaxy S6’s 5.1-inch display. Not a huge difference, but certainly notable. Why Samsung would boost the screen size for the more outdoorsy model is unclear. For what it’s worth, the S5 Active had a 5.1-inch Full HD screen.

It’s no surprise to hear Samsung would entertain the idea of releasing a more durable version of its flagship device. The company has made a habit of iterating on its big flagships with numerous models. The regular Galaxy S6 will make sense for a lot of everyday consumers. But if you need something that can withstand the elements, it sure looks like something is on the way.