The Galaxy S6 sacrifices some of Samsung’s best features in the name of fashion, but it looks like the company could take a different approach with the rumored Galaxy S6 Active. After spending some time with a Samsung rep, Reddit user Garshol revealed what we can expect from the upcoming rugged smartphone.

The Galaxy S6 Active will allegedly feature a microSD slot for adding extra storage and a removable battery, two features missing from the new flagship Galaxy S6. The device will also offer a water resistant design and three physical buttons up front, but will lose the fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor. Finally, Samsung may offer a less powerful camera while keeping the optical image stabilization.

Based on previous leaks, we’re also expecting the Galaxy S6 Active to pack the same Quad HD display found on its flagship brother, though it may jump from 5.1-inches in size up to 5.5 inches. Overall, it sounds like the new phone could offer similar specs to the Galaxy S6 without some of the extra bells and whistles. For many Samsung fans that may actually make it the better choice of the two.

According to Garshol, the Galaxy S6 Active should arrive sometime this summer, meaning Samsung still has some time to figure out the final details and specs. We’ll be on the lookout for any more news on the rumored ruggedized smartphone, so check back soon for the latest updates.