We already know the Galaxy S6 Active is coming to AT&T. Samsung typically releases a more ruggedized version of its latest flagship on AT&T, so it was expected, and then numerous leaks, including a manual that appeared on Samsung’s site, pretty much sealed the deal. Now AT&T appears to be teasing the new smartphone on Twitter — but we have some caveats with the image it chose.

In a recent Tweet, AT&T says: “Only one thing is missing from your workout. It’s almost time to activate your full power.” Active. Activate. Get it? Droid-Life first noticed the Tweet, and it make sense for a teaser. There’s just one problem.


AT&T has the phone in the image disguised, so we don’t know for certain that it’s the Galaxy S6 Active. It’s very likely just a placeholder image, almost certainly an iPhone given the earbuds and the headphone placement. But marketing departments don’t always get these nitty-gritty details right. A leaked manual of the Galaxy S6 Active showed us the headset jack is on the top of the phone, not on the bottom as you see in the teaser Tweet above.

Does it debunk the teaser? Eh, we still think the phone is coming, and the text is more important than the image in this case. “Almost time.” “Activate.”

The “Active” versions of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are typically, as the name implies, marketed toward folks with more active lifestyles, and typically offer water and dust resistance for those jogs in the rain. We don’t know when the Galaxy S6 Active will launch, but our guess is the announcement is imminent.