That high-end Galaxy S5 we've been hearing about might actually be more fact than fairy tale. It sounds ridiculous to already talk about Samsung's next device, because, well, we just saw the company announce a big one. But Samsung executives allegedly held a behind-closed-doors meeting at Mobile World Congress that focused on the much-rumored luxury S5, which will allegedly come equipped with better specs and an aluminum build.

Reports out of Korea claim Samsung will release the device this May as part of its new luxury F line; the device will reportedly come equipped with a new Exynos processor and larger qHD display. We've already seen evidence such a device exists, but with only one S5 shown off this week, it seemed we had reached a dead end. But this could all just be a bunch of smoke and mirrors as Samsung prepares something bigger.

According to reports, the chassis of the "real" S5 is expected to employ premium metallic materials, which would no doubt quiet plenty of the company's critics over its preferred plastic build quality. Additionally, the device will supposedly sport optical image stabilization, improving upon what already promises to be a good camera in the recently announced "regular" S5. Samsung has reportedly run into production issues with the luxury S5, which is why we only saw one at MWC this week.

As noted by Phone Arena, two noted tipsters confirm the luxury S5 is coming, and one even says the device will be announced after the All New HTC One announcement in March. That would be cruel for HTC, but brilliant on Samsung's part. One would assume, however, Samsung would announce the "real" S5 before the "regular" S5 comes out in April, otherwise early adopters would really get shafted. Reports claim when the S5 is released, it'll retail for a "cheaper price than the competition," though that's unconfirmed at this point.

Samsung is said to be preparing an entire luxury lineup, beginning with the S5 in May, so we can expect other big Galaxy devices, like the Note, to also follow a similar path. If indeed Samsung does have plans to announce another S5, we only have a few months to go until the truth is revealed. A metal S5 with even faster specs and an improved camera? That sounds good to me.