Galaxy S5 screen awake

Without revealing any specific figures, Samsung on Monday made the claim that its Galaxy S5 sold better than the Galaxy S4 did during its opening weekend. The braggadocio is a common practice in mobile circles; any company will jump at the opportunity to let others know how well it's doing. Samsung said the device did really well overseas, particularly in Middle Eastern countries where phones resistant to the elements are sought after.

Samsung said plenty of people waited in lines to snatch up the company's latest flagship, which is kind of ironic when you think about it. Maybe not iPhone-level mania, but Samsung has certainly attracted its own fervent fan base over the years. The Galaxy S5 is by all accounts its most impressive device yet, sporting an improved design, an incredible screen and a focus on activity tracking. But the question remains whether or not Galaxy S4 owners felt compelled to upgrade, and it appears we have our answer.

The fact that the Galaxy S5 managed to sell better than last year's S4 on opening weekend is a testament to immense consumer demand. What's particularly notable, too, is the fact that HTC's One (M8) flagship was already out, meaning all of those potential customers stuck with the Samsung brand. We've already given the HTC One (M8) a final score, so stay tuned to see what we think about the S5 when our review hits later this week.