The problem ahead of any major handset launch is that nearly everyone on the planet seems to try to get in on releasing leaks. Recently, Sonny Dickson posted the above image only with the title: "Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5?"

We certainly don't know, and without any details provided by Dickson we don't even know where it came from. That said, it does look like a Samsung handset. And to Dickson's credit, he had a lot of leaked components ahead of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s launch, which is the only reason we're paying this any attention in the first place.

If the above image is from an internal Samsung source, and we have no idea of knowing whether it is or if it was crafted by anyone with access to a computer, then it could be an upcoming handset. We expect the Galaxy S5 announcement later this month, so it's possible this is an image of that phone – or something else entirely. We can say for certain that it doesn't have the same design as the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy Note 3.

That said, it doesn't seem to offer an edge-to-edge screen, as some rumors have suggested. There does appear to be a spot where the IR blaster would sit on the top of the phone, however, and the wide area below the camera seems to suggest there's room for a dual-LED flash. Also, there appears to be a hatch over the microUSB charging port, which Samsung hasn't used on any of its recent flagships. For that reason, it looks like it might be something different.. maybe the Galaxy S5 Active, which would have a covered port to keep water out.

We can't draw any conclusions from this image, so take from it what you will.