Samsung Galaxy S5 Review 15

Will Samsung launch a newer, more refined version of its Galaxy S5 for customers willing to pay a bit more for the best possible specs? It seems more plausible than ever today, even though the firm's CEO shot down earlier reports. SamMobile says it has learned new details on the Galaxy S5 Prime, which has been code named "KQ" internally.

The news outlet said that Samsung is currently in "middle to late stage development" of the KQ, which will launch with even better specs than what the current Galaxy S5 offers, including a super sharp display with a QHD 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution, an Intel XMM7260 LTE chip and an Exynos 5430 processor.

LTE is a nice bump for folks in Europe, but in the United States Samsung's Galaxy devices are equipped with processors from Qualcomm including LTE support. So, if this device ever launches in the U.S. it's likely we'll see an entirely different variant that doesn't use the Intel LTE or Exynos 5430 chips.

SamMobile thinks the Intel chip may "break Qualcomm's monopoly in the western market," but that's assuming it actually launches here, and we don't know if it will yet. Also, as we learned in a discussion with AT&T's senior vice president of network operations John Donovan, Qualcomm does so well in the United States because it usually meets all of the carrier's requirements, and is typically on the market first with its products. To satisfy that, SamMobile suggests that Samsung may have a Snapdragon 805 model prepped for the U.S. market instead.

If Samsung really doesn't have a premium Galaxy S5 in the pipeline, then it's doing a lot of work for nothing. If this information is correct, we should see something in the coming months. Final question: will Samsung use premium build materials, too?