It doesn’t so much seem like “if” Samsung will release a prime version of its S5, but when. Introducing more freakish iterations of an already beefy flagship appears to be the next trend in mobile and, as such, the rumors around the Samsung device have been storming across the Internet. While we have a vague idea of what to expect on the inside of the device, what about on the outside? MyGadgetic has come up with a concept that bears a pretty uncanny resemblance to the Oppo Find 7—but that’s neither here nor there. What do you think?

Sporting a more squared off look in favor of the rounded corners of existing Samsung handsets, the S5 Prime concept isn’t particularly overwhelming; it looks more like someone just simply stamped a fake Samsung logo onto a random render. The edges are flat, the device is tall and slim, and the materials are aluminum—something that’s rumored for the more premium S5. Meanwhile, on the backside, there’s a dual LED flash arrangement, and on the side a long, flat volume rocker; on the other, a sleep/wake button.

We have no indication this is what the S5 Prime will look like, which is why this is firmly a concept. It’s fun to imagine what future phones will look like, and this one takes a neat stab at some potential elements coming to the rumored handset. All you S5 owners: would you feel buyer’s remorse if a premium S5 came out in just a few months?