If you’re considering picking up the newly announced Galaxy S5, you may also be stuck wondering which color to buy. Have no fear — we met up with Samsung to snap photos of every color of the device that will hit the market, sometime around April. The first starting choices are gray/black, blue, gold and white. We’re partial to blue, and competitors are already mocking the gold one as looking like a Band Aid, but there’s an option for everyone.

Samsung also said it will sell designer covers, so you’ll be able to swap out the back for a unique one made by top fashion designers. That probably means we’ll see others from third-party case makers, though we wonder how well third-party options are going to keep the water out (it’s IP67 water and dust resistant, remember). Also, since the panel is removable, you can get rid of that “Band Aid” look down the line.

In either case, check out the colors above and let us know which one is your favorite — if any at all.  Oh – and keep in mind, if history repeats itself Samsung will release new colors down the road. Red, anyone?