galaxy s5 concept 7

There's something fishy afoot in regards to Samsung's Galaxy S5The New York Times recently said it has learned from an inside source that the Galaxy s5 will only employ a 1080p display, but then an alleged box photo that popped up yesterday very clearly pointed to a quad HD screen, suggesting something sharper is in the works.

Now, today, a user agent profile on Samsung's own site shows a SM-G900T model number. That points to a T-Mobile launch, and another user agent profile also showed an SM-G900P model ready for Sprint. If history repeats itself, the phone will also launch on AT&T and Verizon. The screen resolution is discussed here again, though, and it's not looking good for anyone who wants a quad HD display. In a section that discusses the screen size, we see a resolution of 1920 x 1080, meaning it will have the same resolution as the existing Galaxy S4.

That raises one major question: Will Samsung release two versions of the Galaxy S5? It seems plausible. That would explain the box that shows a quad HD reference (though Photoshop could also play a roll there). It would also satisfy rumors that Samsung is planning to launch a new phone that employs a more premium material, such as aluminum.

Samsung isn't scared of trying new things, and it isn't afraid to release several versions of the same smartphone, as we've seen in the past. That has us thinking that it's possible the company will announce a standard Galaxy S5 with a better camera, a 1080p display and a Snapdragon 800 processor – enough to compete with the current competition, in addition to a more expensive model with better specs, like a quad HD display and an aluminum body.

We're just brainstorming here, but that would explain all of the leaks we've heard and seen, and why some rumors point to the employment of one display resolution while others point to a much sharper screen. Samsung is largely expected to unveil the Galaxy S5 during its Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress later this month.