Samsung introduced a Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4 so it makes sense the company will follow through with a new Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S5. Today, we're being treated to a leaked photo of the alleged device in the wild, though there's not much to go off of other than the "Google" boot logo, which could easily be loaded onto any Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

There is reason to believe the phone is indeed on its way, however. Shortly after the Galaxy S5 launched, a full resolution image of a Google Play version of the phone popped up in the Google Play Store. Also, HTC recently released a Google Play Edition of its brand new HTC One (M8) flagship smartphone, so we imagine Samsung wants to get in on the competition, too. So what's the hold up?

Google I/O kicks off later this month and that's where the company will likely discuss advances in Android and other platforms. It's possible that it will use that time to announce a Google Play edition of the Galaxy S5, too, which is exactly what it did last year with the Galaxy S4. If we don't see it by the end of this month, then we'll start to wonder if Samsung pulled the device for other reasons. For now, enjoy the leaked photo above.