The Galaxy S5 tries to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 5s with its own fingerprint reader, and we wanted to show you how it works so we filmed the video above. The sensor works a bit differently than the one on the iPhone 5s, because it doesn't allow you to simply rest your finger on the sensor to unlock your device. Instead, it requires the swipe of a finger. Fingerprint registration is easy enough: you just swipe your finger eight times as the phone lets you know if it has recorded your print or not. We swiped 8 times without issue, so we figured it had a really accurate impression of our finger. That wasn't really the case in practice.

Once we set the phone to use our fingerprint as an unlock mechanism, it didn't work very well. One time it took four swipes until the phone recognized our print. Another, it said we tried too many times and simply prompted us to enter in our password instead. Considering it doesn't take long to enter a password, the whole fingerprint reader seems rather pointless. The iPhone 5s isn't perfect, but it's much more accurate than what the Galaxy S5 offers.

We'll play with it more during our review process, but overall we're walking away rather unimpressed.