galaxy s5 driving mode

It wouldn’t be a Samsung flagship if it wasn’t packed with plenty of bells and whistles. The Galaxy S5 is no exception, but it looks the South Korean company may have left one new feature out when it unveiled the new smartphone last month. An alleged Galaxy S5 screenshot obtained by Dutch site shows what appears to be a new hands-free driving mode that went unannounced at Mobile World Congress.

The new feature appears to offer an easy way to control your new smartphone without taking your hands off the wheel. Activate the Galaxy S5 by saying “Hi Galaxy” and then ask for directions, play some music, make a call or answer your messages using Samsung’s S Voice service. The feature looks pretty similar to Motorola Assist on the Moto X, which uses the phone’s motion sensing technology to automatically turn on whenever you’re driving.

It’s a bit strange that Samsung failed to mention Driving Mode last week when it unveiled the Galaxy S5 in front of thousands at Mobile World Congress. It’s possible the new feature simply wasn’t ready for the spotlight. Alternatively, maybe the company just didn’t have enough time to get through all its new features. Ultimately, we probably won’t even know if this rumor is really true until the Galaxy S5 hits the market. In the meantime check out the full screenshot below.

galaxy s5 touchwiz-driving-mode copy