The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch display, just a hair larger than the screen on the Galaxy S4. At first glance, it may not look like there are a lot of changes in terms of quality, but that may actually be far from the truth. A new report from DisplayMate Technologies reveals that the Galaxy S5 offers the best screen on the market.

The Galaxy S5 may offer the same 1080p resolution found on the S4, but the new phone offers improvements in other areas including brightness, reflective capability, color accuracy, viewing angels and power management, since it employs Samsung’s latest AMOLED screen technology. DisplayMate found that the S5 is 22 percent brighter than the S4 and 13 percent brighter than the Note 3. It’s also less reflective than previous models, which means it should be easier to view in direct sunlight. Typically, AMOLED displays are super dim and hard to read outside in the sunshine. Overall, the screen beats out any other OLED or LCD currently on the market, according to DisplayMate.

When it comes to smartphone battery life, the screen is usually one of the biggest power drains.  Samsung actually managed to improve power management for the S5 with its display, which uses 18 percent less power than the S4, according to DisplayMate. The new handset also features a new Ultra Power Saving Mode which increases battery life by switching the screen to monochrome and reduces its brightness.

“The Galaxy S5 delivers excellent image quality, has both Accurate and Vivid modes, has high Brightness and low Reflectance, and is an all around top performing display,” DisplayMate concluded, giving the phone a rating of “Excellent A.”

For discerning smartphone customers, Samsung’s improvements to its display with the Galaxy S5 may be enough to convince some to pick up the new device. For others, the new features will simply be an extra bonus that comes with owning the company’s latest flagship handset. Either way, Samsung may have the best smartphone display on the market—at least for the moment.