The Galaxy S5 could be Samsung's first water-resistant flagship handset, according to a new report suggesting the South Korean company may follow the precedent set by Sony's Xperia Z and Z1ETNews cites industry sources who claim Samsung is developing a rugged version of the Note 3—similar to the Galaxy S4 Active—before it switches its focus to the highly-anticipated Galaxy S5.

The article also adds that rugged versions of the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 won't come with downgraded specs, unlike the S4 Active. With the water-resistant version of its 5-inch flagship, Samsung scaled back the Super AMOLED display to a TFT LCD screen, and switched out the 13-megapixel camera for an 8-megapixel shooter.

We fully expect Samsung to unleash several Galaxy Note 3 spinoffs in the near future, following the precedent it set with the S4, and a rugged version will likely figure into its upcoming lineup. Offering the Galaxy S5 as a waterproof handset right at launch, on the other hand, would be a bold move. If Samsung can pull it off, the S5 will easily distinguish itself from the competition, and might even help push the entire industry in the same direction.