U.S. Cellular on Thursday announced pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will go up tomorrow, with prices starting at $199.99 after an instant rebate. Colors available at launch include black and white (no word on blue or gold), and U.S. Cellular said it'll offer a $50 Google Play promotion code for those who pre-order the device online. That's a pretty substantial incentive to get your pre-order in early. The device will be available to ship and in-store beginning April 11, a U.S. Cellular release said.

In addition to the Galaxy S5, the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit will all be available on April 11, so you'll have an entire lineup of near Samsung gear (puns!) to choose from. No pricing was mentioned by U.S. Cellular for Samsung's wearables, but we imagine they'll be similar, if not identical, to what you'd find through AT&T: $299 for the Gear 2, $199 for the Gear 2 Neo and $199 for the Gear Fit.

U.S. Cellular said it will actually have Samsung's lineup of new devices available to check out at certain stores in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Milwaukee and Madison, Wi. areas beginning March 24. The full list of locations is below.

  • 2315 Edgewood Rd., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • 4444 1st Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • 101 Junction Rd., Madison, Wis.
  • 740 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis.
  • 5670 N. Port Washington, Glendale, Wis.

For a refresher on the Galaxy S5, you can check out our product page here, or check out our hands-on with the device from Mobile World Congress below.