Samsung just released three new ads for the Galaxy S5 on YouTube and they may be our favorites so far. Instead of going after Apple, these new TV spots focus on some of the new handset’s most unique features, offering a funny little story to illustrate each one.

The ad campaign, which is based around the hashtag #ExpectMore, focuses on the Galaxy S5’s waterproof design, battery saving software and its privacy mode. Each 30-second video features a short story explaining how valuable the feature really is. For example, one frustrated phone owner explains that he lost his job after the battery on his phone died during a call with his boss, something you could avoid by using Ultra Power Saving Mode on the S5. Another character complains about losing yet another smartphone to water damage in the bathroom, while a third highlights the ability to store any embarrassing or incriminating photos in a private folder on your S5.

It’s nice to see Samsung focusing on what sets the Galaxy S5 apart in these new ads while also bringing a touch of humor to its latest marketing campaign. In the past the company’s been a bit tone deaf at some moments, though it has also produced some hilarious ads including a Super Bowl spot starring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, LeBron James and Bob Odenkirk, and a now-classic commercial mocking Apple fans who line up to buy the latest iPhone.

You can watch out the all three ads below and check out our full Galaxy S5 review right here.