Samsung Galaxy S4-Lock Screen 2

One of the bigger complaints when the Galaxy S4 launched is that all of the additional software Samsung added was clogging up valuable storage space. Samsung promised that it would address the S4 storage issue in the future, and it appears that it's making good on that promise now.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is starting to roll out an update to both the international and U.S. versions of the Galaxy S4 that will allow users to move applications to an SD card. Previously, a user would need to root his or her device in order to do that. It also includes several other enhancements, including new camera firmware, an issue with "smearing" while scrolling, HDR video support, a semi-transparent status bar, new settings icons and more.

The software is apparently already hitting Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4 devices but an update for Exynos-equipped devices is on the way, too. A quick check on our AT&T Galaxy S4, however, showed us that an update is currently not available. Perhaps it's rolling out over time or needs carrier approval, first.