We already brought you an early look at the Galaxy S4 innards, but now the folks over at iFixit have ripped the phone apart and provided a bit more detail on its innards. The device received an overall repairability score of 8 out of 10, which is quite good and much better than the (obviously) low repairability of the HTC One’s aluminum unibody design.

iFixit said it appreciated the easy-to-remove battery, quick access to the phone’s essential components and that it only had 11 screws holding it together. As our source revealed in the initial video, the components inside the Galaxy S4 can be replaced independent of one another and with ease. iFixit does warn that “several of them are adhered in place, increasing replacement difficulty,” however. The phone’s screen will cause some issues, too and will be expensive to replace. iFixit said the display is fused to the glass and that you’ll need to take most of the phone apart just to replace the screen.

We’ve included several of the images from the teardown in a gallery above, but be sure to check out iFixit‘s site for plenty of additional images and information.