Google IO 2013 - Google Samsung Galaxy S4 - 010

What’s better than Galaxy S4? How about a stripped down, pure Android, Google Edition of Samsung’s “Next Big Thing?” Well, the good news is that the Galaxy S4 Google Edition will go on sale June 26, but the bad news (for non-Americans at least) is that the new Android device will be US-only at launch with no international release date announced for now.

The all-Android Galaxy S4 was officially unveiled at Google’s I/O conference last week and features the same 5-inch 1080p display and quad-core processor. Power it up, however, and you’ll get the pure Android experience without any of Samsung’s extra clutter and features.

The biggest advantage to Google’s Galaxy S4 variant, though, is that whenever the next Android OS is released you’ll be first in line for a software upgrade. Google’s Nexus branded phones all promise immediate access to the latest Android iterations, while Samsung fans are often forced to wait months on end for an OS upgrade.

The pure-Android smartphone goes on sale through Google Play on June 26 for $649.