Samsung recently published a video that discusses the design story behind the new Galaxy S4 Android smartphone. The device has been criticized a bit by the industry for maintaining a plastic design, while competing firms such as Apple and HTC move forward with aluminum-body smartphones. Samsung already defended its decision to use plastic, but now we're given some more insight into the creation of the Galaxy S4.

Samsung's own representatives in the video admit that the device wasn't a radical redesign from the Galaxy S III but was instead an evolution. The company's UX designer Kyungdae Park discusses how Samsung's goal was to create a device that wasn't just for providing information, but instead one that provides a brand new experience. Other designers say that the phone understands them and is unique in that it provides new information "before you even touch the screen."

Additional team members said Samsung "examined everything" and didn't overlook "even the smallest 0.01mm details." It's a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the Galaxy S4 and the video provides a better understanding into what designers were thinking while building the phone.