samsung tectiles 2-banner

Samsung announced Friday the availability of Galaxy S4 compatible TecTiles. The original TecTiles (and other NFC tags) are not compatible with the Galaxy S4 or the Nexus 4.  Those two devices use a newer NFC chip that is not written on the same standard.

If you’re an NFC user and are switching to the Galaxy S4, don’t even try using your “old” outdated NFCs. You will look foolish, as I did just yesterday, dejectedly tapping away at an NFC tag.

Samsung makes no promise their new TecTiles work with other manufacturer devies. Samsung’s website states they utilize the MIFARE standard for these new versions, and non-Samsung MIFARE compliant devices may work. No promises.

Samsung lists a complete list of Samsung compatible devices (notably the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Note 2 and Note (AT&T and T-Mobile), check the website for a complete list.

Yes, like you, I’m still shaking my head as to how there is fragmentation in NFC so soon.

If you’re in need of new TecTiles, head over to Samsung’s website to pick up a batch.