Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition-Front

Sprint offered up an early Valentine's day present for its customers last night, confirming an earlier rumor by rolling out the official Android 4.4 update for the Galaxy S4. The carrier is still pushing out the KitKat upgrade, but you should be able to jumpstart the process by heading to Menu>Settings>More>About Device.

Android 4.4 for the Galaxy S4 on Sprint brings a handful of small updates to Google's operating system. Immersive mode offers full-screen viewing while you're using certain apps, while Google's phone dialer, camera, and gallery apps have also been tweaked. KitKat also includes new printing options, though the biggest improvement should be an overall jump in performance and speed.

Sprint also used the Android update to push out a few new improvements of its own. The software upgrade adds support for Zact Mobile, a contract-free mobile virtual network operator that runs on Sprint's network. The update should also mean an end to those annoying "Prevent Information" alerts that pop up whenever an app is forced to stop. Hopefully we hear more about support for other carriers soon.