Peering at your phone and watching it magically unlock feels like the future. It requires almost no interaction and, in the case of Apple’s Face ID, is more secure than a fingerprint. Even with much of the industry introducing some form of facial recognition, Samsung wants to go in a different direction.

According to Ice Universe, when Samsung introduces the Galaxy S10 next year, it may not feature any form of facial recognition at all, which means you can kiss the company’s iris scanning technology goodbye. Instead, the company is going all-in on the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Galaxy S10 will apparently feature an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that may utilize 30 percent of the device’s display. That means users won’t have to place their finger in a specific spot, but anywhere on the bottom portion of the screen.

Additionally, Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will apparently be faster than everything else on the market, including the OnePlus 6T’s Screen Unlock feature. During the OnePlus 6T’s recent announcement, the company said the feature can read a user’s fingerprint in 0.34 seconds.

To be fair, Samsung’s iris scanner was never all that advanced and often unreliable. By ditching the iris scanner, the company could be admitting that it doesn’t want to invest in facial recognition technology and instead commit to the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

In addition to an in-display fingerprint sensor, a recent report claimed Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will feature a completely bezel-less screen with a front-facing camera beneath the display.