Next year, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will reportedly feature a triple-camera setup, similar to Huawei’s P20 Pro. The news comes via The Investor, which cites KB Securities analysts King Dong-won.

According to the report, Samsung’s upcoming device will also allegedly feature a 3D sensor as the Korean company looks to differentiate its device from the iPhone X.

“Samsung, which has a lower-than-expected demand for its latest Galaxy S9 lineup, will consider to equip its next premium phone with the triple cameras and a 3-D sensor to reinvigorate its smartphone business,” Dong-won said.

In Huawei’s P20 Pro, the triple-camera setup utilizes a 40-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel telephoto camera, and a 20-megapixel monochrome camera. We’ve included some camera samples taken by the P20 Pro in the gallery below to illustrate what a triple-camera setup can do.

Samsung devices typically produce some of the market’s best images, so we’re expecting big things from the Galaxy S10 if this report is true.

The same report from The Investor claims Apple is set to introduce an iPhone this fall with a triple-camera setup, which means it will beat Samsung to the punch. Previous reports pegged Apple to release this technology in 2019.

Before the Galaxy S10 next year, Samsung will likely introduce a new Galaxy Note device this fall.