As it turns out, there will be more than enough cutting-edge technology to make Samsung’s 2019 flagship a must-have.

The Galaxy S10, according to Bloomberg, has been in steady development and should ship with features that’ll be standard in the near future. From an in-display fingerprint scanner to 5G support, the Galaxy S10 won’t be anything short of groundbreaking. Samsung has talked with several partners to ensure everything appears on this flagship due out early next year.

Major U.S. carriers are scheduled to roll out their 5G networks in the first half of 2019. It’ll take a lengthy period to get nationwide coverage and reliability, though.

Samsung and Verizon are discussing 5G support for the Galaxy S10. The South Korean company wants the high-end phone to be associated with next-generation connectivity. On the other side, Verizon could find it easier to popularize 5G support using a global smartphone.

Flagships with in-display fingerprint scanners are starting to become common, and Samsung will usher in that feature for the Galaxy S10 as well. Samsung pushed to include it countless times before, but the technology hasn’t surpassed mass production woes until now. Still, there will be facial recognition for users.

Based on those two features alone, the Galaxy S10 should already have your attention. Yet there’s more to dissect from the new report.

In terms of design, expect Samsung to introduce three models. All of them will share some specifications, but two are likely sitting in a top-tier position. The third should be less expensive and battle Apple’s iPhone XR.

The standard model, known as ‘Beyond’ behind closed doors, resembles what we’re familiar with. It has Samsung’s Infinity Display with curved edges, but the top and bottom bezel are reduced to almost nothing. Here, the OLED panel is near-identical to the Galaxy S9’s. Around the back, Samsung will drop a triple-camera setup.

Samsung could put the front-facing camera under the display, and the ‘Plus’ model would share many of the same characteristics. The budget-friendly model, however, might drop key features like an in-display fingerprint scanner. It’ll come down to cost for Samsung.

The headphone jack doesn’t exist on one prototype, but Samsung could keep that in an effort to shade Apple in another round of advertisements.

Samsung’s foldable phone, meanwhile, is nearing the end of development. Called ‘Winner’ internally, the product will debut with a design that has yet to be finalized. Its maker doesn’t know if it should choose a longer horizontal or vertical unfolded layout. Also, the foldable phone lacks a fingerprint scanner.

Bloomberg says there’s a collaboration between Samsung and Google to ensure Android works properly.

The hinge should be reliable as it passed more than 200,000 tests in succession. Samsung needs to maintain that for mass production, too.

While the Galaxy S10 won’t arrive until late February or shortly after, the foldable phone seems to be right around the corner. It should go official at the Samsung Developer Conference in November. Then we’ll see plenty of headlines and put Samsung’s latest innovations to the test.