The Galaxy S10 should be announced in early 2019, but it’s never too early for leaks to make the hype train move. Now we’re hearing about the fingerprint scanner again. As Samsung still hasn’t created a complex facial recognition technology, there’s hope the Galaxy S10 will ship with a groundbreaking alternative.

Samsung, according to The Bell, will introduce an ‘entry-level’ model of the flagship that features a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

While there should be two other models with next-generation biometric authentication, this model should be more conventional to attract budget-conscious consumers.

The strategy is similar to Apple’s in which the iPhone 8 was priced normally while the iPhone X jumped up to $1,000. Both are excellent products, but one has the fancier technologies to offer. Many believe that Galaxy S9 sales have been underwhelming, so Samsung could give the series a boost by introducing more models at different prices for customers to choose between.

The specifications for the less expensive Galaxy S10 model aren’t expected to be watered-down. If anything, it’ll have a smaller battery to compensate for the compact size. It should ship with a 5.8-inch, curve-free Infinity Display while the 6.2- and 6.44-inch models keep the curves.

A launch event is still far out, but it seems like the Galaxy S10 will debut at CES in January or MWC in February. Samsung is also preparing the Galaxy X; therefore, its primary flagship for 2019 could arrive a month or two earlier than usual.