Notches are taking over. You thought you'd be able to escape them with some brands, but it looks like the world's biggest smartphone maker will be joining the rest of the mobile industry.

Samsung has decided to put a notch on its 2019 flagship, according to insider Ice Universe. The Galaxy S10 will ship with an edge-to-edge screen topped off by a notch. Don't worry, though. It won't be a traditional notch that's elongated and resembles Apple's implementation. Here, we'll see the Galaxy S10 with an extremely small display cutout that's off to the side.

Ice Universe, whose track record speaks for itself, suggests there will be an Infinity-O Display. The layout was shown during Samsung's developer conference this week.

Samsung's Infinity-O Display stores the front-facing camera and ambient light sensor in a circle tucked away in a corner. By doing so, the OLED panel can stretch to all sides for a more legitimate edge-to-edge appearance. It doesn't mean the camera and other components are stored under the display, but it's a decent solution for now.

The in-display camera won't be ready until 2020. Samsung tried getting it onto the Galaxy S10, and there was some failure in letting light reach the lens through the display. So the next best idea is the Infinity-O Display.

Still, this flagship should ship with an in-display fingerprint scanner and other groundbreaking technologies. Samsung is pouring resources into the Galaxy S10 to improve slumping sales.

We'll see the Galaxy S10 go official in late February or sometime in March. Samsung will talk about its plan as soon as 2019 hits, and the rumor mill should be heating up at the same time.