Samsung appears to be set on taking an aggressive approach next year. As many as four Galaxy S10 models could be introduced in 2019, but only one of them will offer a collection of groundbreaking technologies. Within the South Korean company, high-ranking officials are aiming to push boundaries and remain dominant.

The entire lineup would offer more options to consumers; however, the most expensive member of this long-rumored foursome looks to put all of Samsung's competitors to shame in every way.

Known as 'Beyond X' internally, the top-tier model might ship with industry-leading specifications as well as features that can't be found on any other mainstream smartphone. It would make Samsung a legitimate innovator once again.

In a tweet, mobile industry insider Ice Universe revealed what to expect from Samsung's Beyond X.

The top-tier model should offer a 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, 5G support, and 3D cameras on both sides. It'll be sold as an anniversary edition, mind you. Samsung intends on selling a Galaxy S10 and a Galaxy S10+, and a Galaxy S10 Lite should join them. Additionally, Beyond X might be limited in availability to where 5G networks are live or about to be activated.

From the latest report, it sounds like Beyond X will be sold in South Korea and the United States at the very least. But it could arrive in other markets later on. And, to let everyone know about 5G support, Samsung will apparently use a "very cool" logo somewhere on the exterior.

Don't be surprised if this top-tier model sits somewhere around $1,250. Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 sits at $1,000, and hardware manufacturers are showing no signs of returning to reasonable pricing. Throw in the fact that Beyond X celebrates a 10-year anniversary, and Samsung can run wild to attract its loyal customers.

The Galaxy S10 shouldn't struggle to stand out. Apple doesn't release new iPhone models until the fall, and Android partners are struggling to challenge Samsung on a global scale. Other brands are ahead in select markets, but Samsung and its Galaxy devices continue to outsell everything else around the world.

Remember, Samsung also has the Infinity Flex Display in development. The flexible OLED panel should arrive on a consumer-ready device within the next few months. Between the Galaxy S10 and the Infinity Flex Display, all eyes are on Samsung in the first half of 2019. That's exactly what the company wants, but it also needs to execute on these ambitious ideas. We'll found out how these products stack up soon enough.