Samsung is developing its future phones and tablets with 5G networks in mind, but the next-generation connectivity might not be introduced on a Galaxy-branded device when you expect.

The Galaxy S10 will not ship with a 5G-enabled modem, according to Ice Universe. It may seem hard to believe; however, the information comes from a reliable insider who keeps track of Samsung’s latest internal discussions. As of now, we have no reason to doubt the report. Assuming it holds up, the Galaxy S10 will stick with 4G LTE connectivity that’s come around the world.

Yet the South Korean company will make an announcement about 5G early next year. You won’t see it on the Galaxy S10, though, because of stability and heat concerns. It’s much more likely that Samsung rolls out a not-so-consumer-friendly phone that showcases what 5G can do.

If you think back to when 4G LTE was unveiled, the same concerns existed. The mobile devices were also on the thicker side because the new technology drew more power. In 2019, hardware manufacturers will want to maintain their current designs while adding 5G connectivity.

The insider pointed out that Samsung will not merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series despite multiple reports suggesting otherwise.

Samsung will, however, introduce a foldable phone sooner rather than later. Samsung’s DJ Koh allegedly talked about upcoming products behind closed doors at the recent Unpacked 2018 event. There’s also pressure on Samsung to innovate as Huawei grows in global market share. Although its numbers have dipped, Samsung believes it can fend off any competitor.

The timeline for the Galaxy S10 doesn’t seem firm. It could be introduced at CES in January, and that would allow the foldable phone to appear at MWC in February. Then again, Samsung often hosts its own launch events in New York City for major products. So it’ll take a bit before we understand what Samsung will do.